• E549E66N

    Attic & Outdoor Antennas

    Tool-Free installation
    ·Foldable structure with swing-out locking elements
    ·Weather resistant: waterproof, UV resistant
    ·Mounting kit included for installation


    • Specially designed for reception of VHF and UHF signals

    • Tools-free installation, just snap on

    • Reduced retail pack to save freight cost, warehouse cost, shelf space

    • Strong and durable elements are anti-rust, waterproof and weather resistant



    • Receives Full HD and digital TV signals, local VHF and UHF signals

    • Reflector panels provide excellent resistance to interference

    • F type connection makes signal transmission more effective

    Frequency   VHF:  174-230MHz    UHF:  470-862MHz


    VSWR  VHF: <3.0     UHF: <3.5


    Impedance:  75Ω