• E2149L58N

    Attic & Outdoor Antennas

    Prime Yagi Outdoor Antenna
    ·With complex elements to effective amplify the signals coming from different directions to obtain higher gain
    ·Receives Full HD and digital TV signals, local UHF signals
    ·Reflector panels provide excellent resistance to interference


    • Specially designed for reception of UHF signals

    • Has high impedance matching and strong reception giving the antenna high sensibility

    • Reduced retail pack to save freight cost, warehouse cost, shelf space

    • Professional structure design makes antenna structure firm and easy to install

    • Strong and durable elements are anti-rust, waterproof and weather resistant



    • Receives Full HD and digital TV signals, local UHF signals

    • F type connection makes signal transmission more effective

    Frequency   UHF:  470-700MHz


    Polarization:  Horizontal


    F/B:  25dB


    VSWR   UHF: <2.0


    3dB Beam Width:  UHF±15°


    Impedance:  75Ω